(Re)Start your Barre - PART I


Welcome to "(RE)Start your Barre". A highly effective online course dedicated to the Barre technique on the classical guitar. In this context I will try my best to show you how I approach this technique with my students. By doing so I hope that I can help you lay a good foundation for your Barre. 

The Barre is one of the most challenging left-hand Techniques on the classical guitar. 

Many guitarists out there hate the Barre and try to avoid it because it often produces muted notes on certain strings. 

The natural reaction to this is to apply more pressure onto the guitar's neck. In most cases this doesn't help at all. This leads to frustration, fatigue and pain.


The good news...

The good news is that we don't need more pressure for our Barre. What we need is “targeted pressure”.

We don't need to increase the amount of pressure exerted on the string. We just have to use it in a way that is more efficient. 


Body-Awareness is the key...

In this “Barre-Series” the center of attention will always be body awareness and how to strengthen our mind-muscle connection.  Because this is the skill you have to train the most in order to master your Barre.

In the following Chapters we will first go through 3 general Guidelines you should keep in mind when you are practicing the Barre.

After that I will show you a Warm-Up routine and 5 special exercises that will help you improve your Barre technique. You can use these exercises in order to become more aware of how you distribute pressure and weight not only in your Barre finger but in your left-hand in general.

These 5 Exercises build on each other. Consider them as 5 Steps. I would recommend that you take your time and practice each exercise for a period of 3 to 4 days before you move on to the next one. Each practice session dedicated to the Barre should not take longer than 10 min.

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Have fun!





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