Happy Birthday in 10 Levels

You can play "Happy Birthday" in countless ways. In this Video I present you 10 funny Variations of this song. 


10 Levels

#1  Guitar Percussion

#2  Open Strings

#3  Chords

#4  The waltz

#5  Melody

#6  Greek Style

#7  Melody with Bass

#8  Russian Style

#9  Oriental Style

#10 Hollywood Style


In Level 1 and Level 2 you will learn how to play "Happy Birthday" even if you can´t play the guitar!

In Level 3 you can use simple chords to sing and play the song on the guitar.

This are the lyrics with the Chords:

            D                 A7

Happy Birthday to you

           A7               D

Happy Birthday to you

           D                        G

Happy Birthday dear...

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