Make intervals sing on the classical guitar!

Each interval makes a difference!

Learn how to practice connecting notes to each other in a way that it makes your music feel more exciting and energetic. 


We all want our Melodies to sound beautiful and exciting as if we were singing them. But how can we practice in order to make our melodies sound like they're being sung by Pavarotti or played by Itzak Perlman on the violin? There are so many things that have to work together in order to achieve “cantabile” on the guitar. Tone production, Vibrato, phrasing, articulation and fingerings are just the basic ones. In this lesson we are going to talk about another “Monster”  we have to tame and take control off: 


Hot to connect one note to another. How to move from one note to the next one and feel the movement and energy in your body.

The way you connect notes to each other can either make your music sound boring or exciting. 

 The good news is that it's not...

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